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Some Joie de Vivre “Hacks”!

Joie de vivre in French means joy of living! OED defines it as a feeling of healthy enjoyment of life; exuberance, high spirits! Why a blog on this topic so “foreign” to so many who work for a living? In my coaching practice I believe that this feeling of joie…
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Lessons from the United Airlines!

Throughout the last week the story of how the United Airlines mal-handled the passenger who refused to surrender his seat to accommodate the Airline’s own crew exploded in the media with an endless parade of the video clips showing how that poor passenger was dragged out of his seat, hauled…
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The 10 Brand-building Hacks that Always Work!

Building your brand has now become a full-time obsession with many professionals. Many prospects who come to me start their conversation with this in mind: “How can you help me build my brand and how can you help me make it stronger?” is the most common way those curious about…
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If You Want a Promotion, Here’s How to Get It!

  You do not get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate!—Anonymous Many prospects and clients call me when they think that they are facing a challenge in getting themselves to their next level in their group, organization, or company. This entails clients from individual contributors (ICs) to those…
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The Power of Amplifying Your Critical Leadership!

À la How to Transform Your Company from the Middle One of my clients is a product manager at an Adtech company. They provide a platform to their enterprise and business accounts in retargeting (aka-Remarketing), which is a strategy of “cyber-stalking” a first-time visitor to your site, who leaves without…
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