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The 10 Brand-building Hacks that Always Work!

Building your brand has now become a full-time obsession with many professionals. Many prospects who come to me start their conversation with this in mind: “How can you help me build my brand and how can you help me make it stronger?” is the most common way those curious about…
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If You Want a Promotion, Here’s How to Get It!

  You do not get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate!—Anonymous Many prospects and clients call me when they think that they are facing a challenge in getting themselves to their next level in their group, organization, or company. This entails clients from individual contributors (ICs) to those…
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The Power of Amplifying Your Critical Leadership!

À la How to Transform Your Company from the Middle One of my clients is a product manager at an Adtech company. They provide a platform to their enterprise and business accounts in retargeting (aka-Remarketing), which is a strategy of “cyber-stalking” a first-time visitor to your site, who leaves without…
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Career Advice from a Coach, Who Has Seen it All (Almost)!

  As a career and a life coach I often speak in front of varying audiences: some are fresh graduates entering the workforce, some are professionals attending a conference, some belong to a group of out-of-work professionals sharing information about today’s job market and learning the “tricks” of getting hired…
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How to Stay Relevant in Today’s Fast-Changing World?!

  If you think change is hard, try becoming irrelevant!—Tom Peters Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof—Mathew 6:34   One of the common concerns my clients—and prospects—have is their ability to stay relevant when they are faced with the fierce velocity of changes that they see happening around…
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