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The Holiday Season: A Good Time to Augment Your Network!

In every culture major holidays come once a year: Christmas; Diwali, Hanukkah (both celebrated as Festivals of Light); and Eid ul-Fitra or Muharram, among others. During these times people are in festive moods connecting with friends, celebrating, exchanging gifts, and making wishes to better themselves during the coming year. Those…
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Dealing with Abusive Bosses!

Last week I blogged about dealing with an all-consuming boss, who is never satisfied with the results you produce, despite your impressive outcomes and superhuman efforts. This week I am writing about a manager of a different ilk: An abusive boss. What is an abusive boss? Typically, an abusive boss…
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Dealing with an All-Consuming Boss!

Every now and then I get a call from a client about their boss, asking for advice on how to deal with them. As a career and life coach, I wish I could say that these calls are far and few in between, but they are not; they come with…
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Some Early Mistakes to Avoid in a Job Search!

Prospects and clients often contact me during the various stages of their job search. Most do not realize that their early actions and strategies in their search process increasingly set the tone and seal their fate in how they are being calibrated for their title, salary, and other endowments in…
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When to Consult with an Employment Lawyer?!

Although most of my career coaching practice is focused on both, helping my clients land the jobs they are after and on improving their career once they land, occasionally some clients run into problems that affect their job or even their career. In most such cases they come to me…
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